January 4th – January 30th

The BIOL 157 lab before their lab #2. Got to use some volumetric flasks for the first time in a while. Those pesky timed experiments. Pre-testing of a Kirby-Bauer experiment using┬áK. pneumoniae. My cart all loaded up for BIOL 211’s second lab session.

January 3rd, 2017

Back to the grind…. First media making session of the new year! View post on imgur.com Also… BRR!! It’s really chilly out!!! View post on imgur.com

October 17th – November 4th

Got to know the innards of my pipettes. View down the Durham tube of thee SSLB broth for BIOL210 Lab 8. One of the classic west coast weather days outside the lab. Sunrise over VIU on November 3rd.    

Aug 29 – Sept 1st

It’s been a busy week. Getting tissue culture started up, doing phage titres, culturing some weird bacteria and of course, making more media!