Ernst & Young’s Global Fraud Study (2012)

Ernst & Young’s Global Fraud Study (2012)

Global Fraud Survey - A Place for Integrity

 Growing Beyond: A Place for Integrity

In a time of “highly adverse economic conditions”, Ernst & Young’s 2012 Global Fraud Survey reveals the worldwide corporate battle for survival in a global environment where “opportunities to secure new revenues in rapid-growth markets are significant.”

Ernst &Young’s new study expertly documents the increased risks of bribery and corruption in this global environment, and the dangerous fact that even amid the recent global concern over bribery and corruption, there is a widespread weakness in corporate control environments:

“Despite the risk, companies are still failing to do enough to prevent bribery and corruption. From the responses of our interviewees, it would appear that mixed messages are being given by management, with the overall tone often diluted by a lack of widespread training and a failure to penalize breaches.” (A Place for Integrity, E&Y, 2012)