Glaze Mixtures

Two glaze mixtures I did for my directed studies. One was called Sea Foam (right tile), and one was Chinese Blue/Green (left tile). I named my developed glazes West Coast Sea Foam and Paul’s Blue/Green.

The WCSF seemed to be a pretty flat glaze, but was able to get some interesting and varied results on the same surface when applied to two of my mugs (top right photo). Where I brushed it on a bit thinner, there is a bit of a greenish stain coming through. I also enjoyed the speckled, grainy look to the glaze. I am also very happy with the PBG, it has very interesting colour variation when used in a runny way, which I enjoy. The two bottom pictures of the PBG.




Screen-Print Transfers – New Mixed Media Combo

First time trying out silk-screen image transfers in ceramics. Done on B-Mix greenware slabs/plaques, with black underglaze substituted for ink in the screen-printing process. This is a new and interesting method to me, as I enjoy both printmaking and ceramics very much. To combine them both into the art making process and converse with each other is an exciting experience.

I plan to take this method into more advanced and refined pieces, as for now, these tiles act as rough tests for me. Figuring out the process to get clean images, and basic fine tuning. I am happy with how they turned out, and will continue my experimentation and production with this method in my pottery.



2nd Glaze Firing – Purple Attempt

Second round of glazing came out of the kiln earlier last week. Was using some temmoku gold, licorice, and an attempted purple. I bought a purple under-glaze which I coated over with a clear glaze, but it turned out blue. I do like the colour that it did produce, it is a nice blue, and you can see some small hints of purple in the thicker areas.

This has taught me about variation that I can hopefully achieve with the under-glaze if I can also yield purple. Attempting purple again, I will put a thicker coat on to hopefully get a better result. I am still pleased with the shapes I am achieving, and will continue to explore them.