Glaze Mixtures

Two glaze mixtures I did for my directed studies. One was called Sea Foam (right tile), and one was Chinese Blue/Green (left tile). I named my developed glazes West Coast Sea Foam and Paul’s Blue/Green.

The WCSF seemed to be a pretty flat glaze, but was able to get some interesting and varied results on the same surface when applied to two of my mugs (top right photo). Where I brushed it on a bit thinner, there is a bit of a greenish stain coming through. I also enjoyed the speckled, grainy look to the glaze. I am also very happy with the PBG, it has very interesting colour variation when used in a runny way, which I enjoy. The two bottom pictures of the PBG.




Author: Paul White

Paul White is currently in his third year at VIU in Nanaimo, BC working towards a Visual Arts BA Major. Through high-school and on through university Paul has worked across a variety of mediums, and has years of visual arts experience from his studies and practices. His current favorite mediums to work in are charcoal, spray-paint, water-colour, ink, oil paint, ceramic work, and 2-D digital design and animation. He plans to take his knowledge gained from post-secondary into a realistic career where he can incorporate his creativity and understanding of fine arts and continue to be artistically active.

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