Screen-Print Transfers – New Mixed Media Combo

First time trying out silk-screen image transfers in ceramics. Done on B-Mix greenware slabs/plaques, with black underglaze substituted for ink in the screen-printing process. This is a new and interesting method to me, as I enjoy both printmaking and ceramics very much. To combine them both into the art making process and converse with each other is an exciting experience.

I plan to take this method into more advanced and refined pieces, as for now, these tiles act as rough tests for me. Figuring out the process to get clean images, and basic fine tuning. I am happy with how they turned out, and will continue my experimentation and production with this method in my pottery.



Author: Paul White

Paul White is currently in his third year at VIU in Nanaimo, BC working towards a Visual Arts BA Major. Through high-school and on through university Paul has worked across a variety of mediums, and has years of visual arts experience from his studies and practices. His current favorite mediums to work in are charcoal, spray-paint, water-colour, ink, oil paint, ceramic work, and 2-D digital design and animation. He plans to take his knowledge gained from post-secondary into a realistic career where he can incorporate his creativity and understanding of fine arts and continue to be artistically active.

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