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Your Faculty of Education instructors at VIU have been meeting together in order to design a place-based, personalized and collaborative process for your last PB semester. Through inquiry and community based learning, this innovative endeavour will invite you to explore Social Justice, School Governance and Inclusion for Students with Learning Differences as they interrelate with your teaching philosophy, vision and practice.

In response to observations and feedback that  faculty have received from prior years, and a desire to reflect in practice what we are learning about best practices in teaching, we have created a Year 6 semester experience that we hope will address your personal and professional needs as a beginning educator.

The program is composed of a variety of experiences that will help you to explore the subject areas in a variety of ways.  These will include:

1. Professional Learning Pods (PLPs) – You will be placed in professional learning  pods (PLP) based on geographical locations and across the three cohorts (5-7 students per PLP). Each PLP will be mentored by a faculty member.  The PLP will meet on a weekly basis (as arranged by the PLP and their mentor), and will review progress, needs and concerns on a regular basis.

2. One Personal Inquiry exploration and presentation for each of the content areas (three total).

3. Weekly Monday morning  PLP-Rotations with content instructors to support you with the development of your inquiry.

4. Weekly Monday afternoon Speakers and Films that further explore the interconnections between content areas through a variety of mediums.   You will come together as a community and witness presentations or films that exemplify excellence in our field.

5. Weekly Tuesday morning meetings with your Principles of Teaching Instructors (as cohorts) to support your inquiry process and the completion of your framework binder.

6. Debrief Cafe – Tuesday afternoons you will meet with your content instructors to debrief inquiry process and journal highlights.

7. A Book Club that will provide your PLP with an opportunity to interact with content material from books selected to engage your thinking and your questions.

8. Mandatory Professional Development. Instructors and or/students will facilitate ProD opportunities based on the questions and needs that arise throughout the semester.  These ProD seminars will be available on  Wednesdays. ProD attendance each week will be mandatory, based on your personal needs, skills and interests. (if you don’t choose a Wednesday option, you may choose an alternative activity that you will report on).

9.  One Community Action Project (CAP) that will impact your school and/or local community (using the knowledge we are gaining from our learning).

10. Ongoing Reflective Process that captures key learnings from all of the above components and includes a Culminating Visual Synthesis.

11. An Exit Interview to provide students with the opportunity to share their learning.

12. An E-Portfolio which will take place at the end of the semester, after you have completed your final practicum.




Cross Curricular Outcomes

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