Community Action Project (CAP) Description and Criteria

Community Action Project: CAP

What is a Community Action Project (CAP)?Tree

CAP is a solution-and-place-based process that involves working collaboratively to make a positive difference within your PLP group’s school(s) and/or community.

What are the criteria for a Community Action Project (CAP)?

The primary purpose of your CAP is that it responds to a tangible and valuable need or desire of your school and/or local community.  Questions that help to inform specific criteria for this collective endeavour include:

  • Is your CAP related to a specific social and/or environmental need or desire within your school(s) and/or geographic community?
  • Does your CAP represent a collective PLP group interest – one that every member of your PLP group is interested and invested in?
  • Is your CAP going to make a positive difference, benefit, or impact for your school(s) and/or community?
  • Does your CAP design something (i.e. a curriculum/program/website/film clip), participate in something (i.e. help to organize a ‘Walk of the Nations’ or ‘Shoreline clean-up;), or actually implement something (i.e. a school compost collection, etc.)?
  • Is your CAP achievable? Can it be meaningfully accomplished within the timeframe allotted within your courses/program?
  • Is your CAP supported and endorsed by your faculty mentor?

Why is a Community Action Project (CAP) important in education?

imageCAP recognizes the important role that education has within local and global communities. VIU’s Cross Curricular Outcomes:

Multiversity – Committed to equity, inclusion, and social justice we:

  • Recognize our role as educators and global citizens within ourselves, our classroom, our education system, our community, and the world around us.
  • Work towards social justice and environmental stewardship.

Professionalism – As informed members of the broader educational community we:

  • Engage willingly in collegial, collaborative activities.
  • Acknowledge and facilitate the diversity within our educational communities.

Cross Curricular Outcomes

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