Personal Reflections

What is a Reflective Journal?

A reflective journal – often called a learning journal – is a steadily growing document that you (the learner) write, to record the progress of your learning.

A reflective journal is not

  • simply a summary of the course material. Focus more on your reactions to what you’ve read, and what you’ve been reading.
  • a learning log where you might write down the times and days when you read something.
  • a log is a record of events, but a journal is a record of your reflections and thoughts.

What form should the journal take?

Some people prefer to write at a computer keyboard, while others prefer to write by hand. 

Suggestions for Reflections:

  • What do I want to learn? Understand? Consider?
  • What did I learn?
  • What do I understand at this point?
  •  So what does this tell me about the world? Myself; personally and professionally as a beginning teacher?
  • So what resonated for me about the learning?
  •  Now what impact will this have on me as a teaching professional?
  • Now what will I do with this?
  • Now what is my next learning?


You will keep a reflective journal throughout the whole 6 weeks.  This will track your ideas/questions/experiences as you move through the various components of our semester.

Journals will be due to your content instructors every Monday morning (before the inquiry meetings). Instructors will read them and bring up themes and questions at the Debrief Cafe’s on Tuesday afternoons.  Journals will be returned to you on Tuesday afternoons.

On Tuesday  (Oct 10th) and Wednesday (October 11th) Week 6 you will present a synthesis of the reflective journal (along with your synthesis of your bookclub, professional development and inquiries) to one of the content instructors.  Presentations will be done in the PODs, each student will have 5 to 10 minutes to share their synthesis with the group and the instructor.