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Take Me Outside Nanaimo – POD #1


CropperCapture[96]“Our Professional Learning Pod at Vancouver Island University, in collaboration with the Take Me Outside team, agree that it is important for children to spend quality time in nature. We all exist within regional and global ecosystems that are fundamental determinants to our health; from the air we breathe, the water we drink, to the raw resources that have enabled us to establish the sophisticated societies that we now enjoy. British Columbia’s new curriculum includes Big Ideas revolving around healthy, active, and balanced lifestyles.  In encouraging students, teachers, and parents to spend time outside, we are hopeful that they will become mindful of their connection to nature, and be able to experience the many pleasures that can come from it. In a world that is fast paced and technologically driven, we are asking you to simply take the time to go outside, and appreciate nature for the awe-inspiring beauty that it is.”