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  1. Madeleine D

    For anyone in any of the cohorts interested in working together on a followup (letter and/or other action) to the Intervarsity Camp experience, there will be a few of us meeting at noon on Monday at the picnic benches just in front of the education building (by garden/stairs down to parking lot). Please join us if you wish!!

  2. Lis_Kroeker Post author

    The Nanaimo Foodshare is looking for volunteers to do a range of things from urban farming, awareness campaigns, community outreach, program design, Currently they have a project called the Urban Farm Project. The following is information directly taken off their website

    This project is designed to increase community food security, engage community members and organizations in growing food collectively.

    The project includes:

    A Demonstration site for seed production Variety trials for organic varieties of crops (farm research) Learning/teaching/DOING Farming techniques Efficient water utilization Organic production methods

    The goal is to increase personal food security for participants and to produce food for the community through sales and use in Foodshare programs. We all share in the food.

    Anyone interested can go to nanaimofoodshare.ca.

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