Course Outcomes – School Governance



At the completion of the EDTE 519 course, the student teacher will demonstrate:

  1. an understanding of the History, organization and administration of schools [ Public, Private, Independent and First Nations ( Band Operated and Public)]  in British Columbia with particular reference to provincial and district governance in education and its relation to, and affect upon, the teacher’s role.
  2. an understanding of school and classroom organization and administration in order to further understand the relationships among school personnel, the role of partners in education, and the allocation of human and educational resources
  3. an awareness and understanding of the nature of a teacher’s professional identity/boundaries, varying contexts / perspectives among stakeholders,  as well as the duties, responsibilities, and legal issues applicable to the profession. “Who a teacher is and what a teacher does”
  4. an understanding of  and ability to reconcile the differences and conflicts ( competing positive interests) that may occur with professional bodies / governance and in professional practice.
  5. an ability to explore emerging educational, cultural, and social issues in education with particular reference to Aboriginal Peoples and a demonstrated understanding of how these might affect  professional identity and practice.
  6. an ability to describe, analyze and assess current issues in the British Columbia school system.


Cross curricular outcomes – School Governance

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