Exit Interviews/e-Portfolios

ePortfolio Presentations: All presentations will take place on Monday, December 18 unless alternate arrangements have been made with your mentor.

E-Portfolio Presentations Schedule

Please review the presentation criteria and instructions prior to your presentation.

Exit Interview Format:  Students will meet with their own mentors for 30 minutes to present their e-Portfolios/Exit interviews.interview

Where: Nanaimo Campus, Faculty of Education

When: Dec. 18, 2017  as per schedule set up by Mary.

Who: Individual mentors and PLPs.

What: Using the Cross-Curricular outcomes and considering the TRB standards, students will have an opportunity to highlight the connections that they experienced between their practicum and their work in our program.  Through conversation, it is an opportunity for students to tell stories that demonstrate their connections (or lack there-of) between  cross-curricular outcomes, theory and practice.


1. Looking at the elements of Breaking Barriers make a connection to the cross-curricular outcomes (pedagogy, multi-versity, professionalism) and tell a story of how you were able to take it into your practicum.

2. Tell a story or two of your practicum where you experienced an internal tension or disconnect between key learnings about learning and teaching and your practice.

Students will attend their e-Portfolio/Exit Interview in person.  Off-island practicum students will do their interviews online.


Exit Interview questions related to Cross Curricular Outcomes and Breaking Barriers