Information for Mentors

Dear PB. Yr. 6 Mentors,

A sincere thank you for supporting a new vision for our Yr. 6 P.B. program. By volunteering to act as a mentor for a small Professional Learning Pod (PLP) you have become an integral part of this educational change process. We acknowledge – with gratitude – your commitment, collaboration, and your support for this exciting transformation.thankyou

Key, essential mentor roles:

1. Familiarize yourself with the “Breaking Barriers in Education” website:

  1. Contact/connect with your PLP group during the first week of classes. In your mailbox you will find a list of your PLP students and email contacts (to go along with the photos that you received during our last meeting)
  2. Establish a weekly meeting time at a location of choice (Tuesday afternoons or Wednesdays preferable) in order to help build a cohesive, safe, and positive leadership team and also witness/support the following student-led conversations :
    • Book Club check-in: readings, key insights, and process;
    •  Professional Development events/activities: debrief;
    •  Community Action Project (CAP): check-in with progress and process (*mentors endorse CAP project by Sept. 15th). (Note: Nadine will review this booklet with students during the first week of classes);
    • Inquiry questions/presentations/insights and/or Monday afternoon speaker/film series: debrief if time allots;
    • Making connections between core elements of the Yr. 6 program and related Cross Curricular Outcomes (found on website). Please note that these outcomes will play a key role in students’ Exit Interview questions


  •  Mentors facilitate the Exit Interview/E-Portfolio process on December 15th (more details to follow); and
  •  Entrust students to maintain professionalism and accountability towards oneself and each other. Refer any questions or concerns (i.e. attendance, etc.) to content instructors (i.e. Lis, John, and/or Nadine).

Important Dates for consideration – optional, yet recommended invitations:

  1. Tuesday, September 5th – 11:30 – 12:30 – Rm 109 (“The Independent Project” film clip, mentor introductions, Breaking Barriers website,/expectations, meet in PLP groups);keepcalm
  • Monday morning Inquiry Questioning Sessions with course instructors                        (see schedule on website);
  • Monday afternoon Film & Speaker Series – Rm 109 (see schedule on website);
  • Friday afternoon Inquiry Presentations (as a witness to your PLP);
  • Wednesday , October 11th – Synthesis presentations with content instructors (Synthesis of: Reflective Journal, Book Club, Inquiry, & Professional Development)
  • Friday, October 13th – Community Action Project presentations– Auditorium in building 355:  Yr 6 PB team

Once again, we thank you for your voluntary – and highly appreciated – time and commitment. We look forward to working with you throughout this term.

In gratitude,

Yr 6 PB team 


Mentor’s Notes


PLP-RotationsPLP Rotations

Yr. 6 PB Checklist – weekly conversations-meetings