Start UP! Your Gr. 4-7 Class Successfully with Ray Myrtle

Start UP! Your Gr. 4-7 Class Successfully with Ray Myrtle

Wednesday, October 11th

1:00 – 3:30 pm

Room 356/111

Cost: 15.00

*Please bring your money and pay Katie Ngo by Tuesday at the very latest.  She will be coming to the POTL classes Tuesday to collect the money.


 Feel prepared and confident when you begin!

This workshop will help you start & manage your class as a TOC or on a contract. Learn how to do the important things and what to leave for later. Learn how to use your time as a TTOC to rehearse for your first class. Ray Myrtle will provide proven strategies and activities for math, reading etc, that build class climate and reduce classroom management issues.You will receive “The First Week of School”, a 33 pg. booklet with lesson suggestions, strategies, ideas, blacklines and checklists. He will share suggestions about how and what to watch for when observing and conversing with experienced teachers, to learn the most from them. Includes information about and access to, an additional video resource to start up your reading program in your first term.

Is this workshop useful for those teaching in secondary school?

  • The workshop is designed and uses examples from Gr.4-7 but I been told that the suggestions work with some adjustment from Gr. 3-9.
  • The big ideas apply more widely.
  • Teachers outside those grade might consider them useful ‘If I ever end up up being a TTOC/ or a short term position in intermediate or middle school grades.’
  • The overall plan is to help you get thinking about building your plan for the beginning of your first year.

 Approximately 2.5 hrs

Cost: $500. + booklet @$5 ea.

The more attendees the lower the cost

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