November 2017 – Labour Force Survey

Labour Force Survey – November 2017


The BC economy has contributed significantly to Canadian employment increases in November 2017 dropping the unemployment rate below 6% for the first time since February 2008.  Since November 2016, a number of provincial economies have seen the number of fulltime jobs increase in Ontario by 181,000, in BC by 92,000, in Quebec by 78,000 and in PEI by 2,500.  BC’s unemployment rate remains the lowest in the country at 4.8%, followed by Manitoba, Quebec 5.4% and Ontario 5.5%.

Year over year employment gains occurred in both goods and service sector with construction adding 49,600 jobs and manufacturing 91,200, trade 82, 400, professional scientific technical 76,900, transportation 50,000 and healthcare 50,100 to November 2017.

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