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Week 5

Week 5

Game: League of Legends

Length of play session: 4 hours

Fun level (-10 to 10): 8

As school ramps into midterm period, I find myself with a lot less time left to play video games. Having less time to play video games destroys any urge I have to start up new games, so I typically play games that have confined structures. What I mean by that term is games with rounds that are confined within themselves. Rather than trying to progress in a game when I only have a 30 minutes play period, I will play a game where a single round is similar play period. League of Legends, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, and Rocket League are good examples of these sorts of games.

I spent a day off playing League of Legends with my cousin again. As the end of the season is coming up, which means extra rewards for getting to higher rankings, both my cousin and I were playing seriously and attempting to rank up. I was bored before we started playing, but otherwise in a fine mood.

The very first game in the session was the most interesting one. My cousin and I were once again playing in the bottom lane, and we were only playing okay. We went overaggressive a few times and paid for it with our lives, but we were generally playing better than the enemy bottom lane. On the other hand, we had a player in the jungle role (whose job it is to roam around the map and help the laners) who was either highly unskilled or purposefully playing poorly. Our mid-laner was also doing very poorly in the early stages of the game, which made both my cousin and I fairly sure it was going to be a free loss on our part.

I’m used to these sorts of losses that feel like you just can’t do anything about them, so I was only a bit disappointed. On the other hand, our top-laner was popping off, so there was still a little bit of hope. I have no idea how, but our team managed to win fights in the midgame, and our mid-laner started to get quite powerful. The enemy team was in the lead from minute 2 until minute 27, but at that point we won a teamfight and managed to crush several of their towers. At this point, I was feeling elated that this seemingly forgone conclusion of a game was turning out well for us.

At 35 minutes in, our team won the game with a 10k gold advantage, despite me still not knowing how we even managed to reach that point, and despite the fact that the enemy got the ultra-powerful Baron buff. As we were smashing down the enemy team’s nexus to win the game, I was laughing like a maniac. Despite the win, I still reported our jungler, since I’m fairly certain he had to have been trolling us.

That was a good start to a day where the rest of the games were considerably less remarkable, but still good wins to increase our ranks. I had a lot of fun trying to seriously rank up, and my mood after gaining a lot of ranked points was flying high due to the accomplishment.


Game: Rocket League

Length of play session: 20 minutes

Fun level (-10 to 10): 7

My roommate and I played a couple matches of Rocket League together after a cancelled date on Saturday. The cancelled date was a disappointment, so I was understandably not in the highest of spirits going into the play session.

Despite my lack of skills, and my friend being far superior to me, I still managed to have a fair deal of fun. Most of that fun was due to my friend and I interacting, rather than my inability to hit the dang ball, but I think that still counts as fun from the game. Overall, we played three rounds and lost two of them, but the losses didn’t sting whatsoever. Having a friend to make/receive lighthearted jabs to/from when you’re failing in a multiplayer game is a really good way to make losing almost as fun as winning.

As I am very far from a Rocket League pro, I don’t know how to write about specifics for the game. They all just looked like random messes and terrible plays to me. In the end, I had fun and left my friend’s room feeling much more energized, and straight-up happy, than when I walked in.



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  1. Doug Stetar October 17, 2017

    Overall this is an excellent GamePlay blog site. I really like your use of graphics, the detail that you give me, and the manner in which you include how gaming affects you. Small point: could you say a bit more about how each gaming session affects you?

    – Doug
    Mark: A+ (143 XP)

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