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Week 6

Week 6

Game: League of Legends

Length of play session: 2 hours

Fun level (-10 to 10): 0

This game is exceedingly common on my blog now, and I’m not sure how to feel about that. It’s a bit hard to write about League of Legends so much, since most of the feelings I’ve written down already cover most of the matches I’ve played. A match either goes well and I feel good, or it goes poorly and I feel sort of bad. Still, I feel like the only match I played on Saturday is worth writing about.

First, it should be noted that this is the first time I played a game simply because I felt I had to keep up with my gaming blog. There was a bit of pressure there, but not much. I felt very regular before the game started: Not happy, not unhappy, and a bit lethargic. It was the type of feeling where I played mostly because my cousin wanted to play, and not so much due to my own volition.

My cousin and I only played one game that night because it went terribly. My cousin and I were playing bottom lane as we usually do. We were not playing very well. I played over-aggressive and over-eager and got us both killed twice in a row, which is an almost certain death-knell to our lane and to our team.

Across the map, our top lane was losing, our mid lane was losing, and our jungler was completely ineffective to the point where he may as well have been AFK. Fifteen minutes into the game, the enemy bottom lane carry had acquired six kills, while my cousin and I had one between the both of us. We were getting snowballed on and there was nothing we could do. We basically did everything but straight-up welcome the enemy into our base, only getting one kill here or there over the course of the 25 minute game. Nobody on our team was capable of turning the tide of battle, and we all made mistakes.

The graph showing gold leads at the end of the game showed our team was ahead in gold only once; 20 gold at the 2:00 minute mark. That small lead turned into a 20,000 gold deficit at the 25 minute mark. Despite this massive loss being the only game we played that night, it wasn’t due to rage or anger that we quit. Losing a game like that didn’t change my emotions much. Even in the moment right after I had messed up a play horribly, I didn’t feel mad at myself.

I think I didn’t put any of myself into that match, so none of the events in the match mattered to me. It is likely too late for me to climb to the rank I need to be to get the end-of-season rewards, so I have no emotion left in me for League of Legends. After the game ended and my cousin and I hung up our voice call, I felt exactly the same way I did before I started. I simply carried on to doing something else.

Game: Rocket League

Length of play session: 1 hour

Fun level (-10 to 10): 4

I played Rocket League again with my friend, but the novelty of me playing poorly being funny had mostly worn off for me. I felt generally quite jovial before the matches began, but all of the fun came from the first two matches, rather than the last three.

The first two matches were fun because something was causing our matches to be filled with terrible lag. My friend and I constantly checked our ping, but in both games there was only one person on the opposing team with bad ping, and ours was fine. What this meant for the game itself was that everything would essentially randomly teleport. The ball was basically impossible to touch, as it would blink out of and into existence in another place whenever we tried to get close, and the enemy team was doing much the same. This would be terrible if one were playing alone and with a serious disposition, but it was incredibly hilarious for my friend and me.  All our plays were terrible, and we might have had better luck trying to control our cars with our feet.

The fun mostly stopped when the lag stopped, and we were playing serious ranked games. I felt bad, this time, for being a terrible player and causing us to lose. Seeing my score as 0 at the end of a few of the games really made me question why I kept playing in the first place. Rather than cause my friend to lose more games, I decided to take my leave and let him win some by himself. My mood overall wasn’t really impacted at the end. We had fun in the beginning, so I was still a bit jovial from that, but I would say I had a bit of an overall decrease in the goodness of my mood.

This may be the first time on my blog where the fun score is quite a bit positive, but my mood had an overall decrease. I believe this is mostly due to timing. The beginning of the session was fun, but my lack of skills wore thin at the end of the session.


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