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Week 8

Week 8

Game: League of Legends

Length of play session: 3 hours

Fun level (-10 to 10): 8

This session of play is different from most others. There is a special event going on in League of Legends currently, which includes completing certain objectives in games. These objectives expire after a while, and are fairly diverse, but the rewards can benefit the player with items they can only get through spending real money. Rather than this play-session be for the purpose of fun or ranking up, I played purely to receive these rewards. I think this presents an interesting dynamic on how the game, and its rewards, affects my mood.

My mood when I began the play-session was a little bit anxious, as I only had a day to complete three separate missions and receive the rewards. My first four matches erased that anxiousness, as I won them all very handily from a mid-lane carry position; doing incredibly well on my own and for my team. I gained a lot of points and objectives towards completing the missions in those few games, so I was mostly having fun rather than worrying about completion.

This positive mood didn’t keep up in my fifth game, where I had two random players on my team that would blame me for everything that went wrong in the game; even things that had nothing to do with me. Both the players berated me over text as we slowly lost the game for 40 minutes, even though I was performing the best on our team. The strange thing is, the anger I feel when being shit-talked by my own team gives me more adrenaline and focus, which causes me to play better. To prove my team wrong, I managed to perform several impressive moves over the course of the game, but our team was too far behind for it to matter in the grand scope of a win or loss.

I ended that game barely missing out on completing my bonus objectives, reported the two players who were verbally abusing me, and quit for several hours. I wasn’t that mad, since this sort of stuff happens semi-frequently in the team games I play, and I had positive feelings from performing well myself. Regardless of if those teammates thought I had proven them wrong, I myself knew that I had. Besides, I wasn’t necessarily playing to win games, though losing was a much less effective way of achieving the rewards.

The last game I played required me to team up with five other people. As I did not have five friends playing, I had to reach out to random people online. It took me a few minutes to find five people in a discord chat. The main challenge we needed to complete was to bring two of the enemy tower down within 15 seconds of each other. This required a lot of communication, pushing two towers at the same time on opposite sides of the map while trying to fend off enemies. We weren’t concerned about winning the game at all, but I had the chance to complete all four of my mission at the same time if we won.

We failed to sync up the first two turrets. I destroyed my opponent’s turret in the top lane while the bottom lane was working to destroy their opponents’ turret. They died one hit away from destroying the turret after I had destroyed the top one. We failed to sync up the mid turret going down with the last hit on the bottom turret. We weren’t too concerned about our failures, as we were winning quite handily and would have chances at many more turrets. I was having a great deal of fun with this game.

We eventually managed to get two turrets at the same time, and also happened to be winning the game heavily. I got my team to agree to hold off on winning the game so I could finish all of my objectives. Winning this game felt good in many ways, and the random rewards I got turned out to be exceptionally good. My mood afterwards was much more positive than it had been when I started, and the majority of that had to do with receiving very visible and important reward for the work I put in.



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