The purpose of recording my gaming through this methodology is to help me examine what I like and do not like about the games I play; accompanied by the reasons why. As such, rather than being a collection of mini-reviews, this blog will mainly focus on my feelings while playing a game. I hope to use this self-reflection to drive my opinions on what I believe to be good game design (though my posts will hardly talk about game design).

In fewer words, I’m trying to figure out what I find to be fun and why.

I will record:

  • Game Title
  • Length of play session
  • Small description of the type of game if it is my first time writing about it
  • Fun level (Scale of -10 to 10. -10 being incredibly un-fun and 10 being incredibly fun)
  • Feelings/emotions I had while playing the game
  • An explanation of why I felt such a way, if possible.
  • Community/communicative/interaction information if applicable (e.g. online team game)
  • Miscellaneous information if I feel it adds anything to the post (e.g. played on a hand-held console outside)
  • What I learned about my preferences, habits, feelings, etc. (if anything).