Sheldon Scow


Sheldon Scow is a VIU First Nations Studies and Anthropology student who shared his story with the crowd of participants. He talked about a journey of personal loss, grief, addiction and later triumph when he successfully pursued a degree program. Now in his second year at VIU and receiving top marks, Scow says he is spiritually, mentally and physically prepared to succeed.

“After the loss of someone very close to me I was a hurt, scared little boy who was too terrified to try at life. As a result, when I first attempted to come to VIU, I wasn’t ready. It took me a long time and many setbacks to really admit I wasn’t ready,” said Scow. “I finally took the time I needed to learn how to take care of myself. Even though I was hesitant, I joined Community Cousins and this place became my home away from home. I felt love here and it put me on the right path.”

He said joining Community Cousins and talking with VIU Elders-in-Residence sparked a thirst for his culture and a desire to learn about his language and people.

“I never thought I’d get here but I finally learned how to enjoy life and that was an important step. I have my mother, Community Cousins mentors and Shq’apthut staff to thank for that,” said Scow.

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