About the Ripple Project

The Ripple Project has been developed to showcase a number of initiatives and collaborations related to Indigenous education at Vancouver Island University.  Bringing Indigenous ways of knowing and being into our institutional fabric is necessary and aligns with our greater values.  We are moving forward, with care and respect, in a good way.

Incorporating and highlighting Indigenous perspectives is not a prescriptive process but rather one that is organic and fluid. The purpose of the project is to share examples of students’ work, community-based programs, teaching and learning practices, Elders’ teaching, and reflections from those engaging in the process.

It is both a celebration of our work as well as an invitation for those seeking inspiration to enter into the conversation.  The metaphor of ripples in a pond influenced the project title to reflect the delicate nature of this work and to demonstrate the interconnectedness of Indigenous education.

meyuqum-thut. Like ripples in a pond, the effects of our thoughts spread out far beyond our immediate reach.

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