Nicole’s Letter

The following letter was written by Nicole Morven who was a student in the Stewardship Technician Training Program, a partnership with Coastal First Nations-Great Bear Initiative. She wrote this letter to herself as requested by the Program Coordinator half-way through the program to be read at her graduation. The purpose of the letter was to inspire the students to persist and envision the end of the program at a time when their energy was waning. Nicole did indeed read the letter on March 15, 2018 at her graduation in Prince Rupert, BC, in front of her co-hort members and their families.

September 20, 2017

Dear Cole,

As I write this letter, I think about time – I find that its hard to accept that our time is already half over! Its half over!! I sit here in Hakai with a heavy heart because our time here together is coming to an end. I think about graduation day and a hurricane of emotions flood in. That day will be filled with joy, pride, sadness, tears and feeling like you’re on top of world!

I think back to the days leading up to the first day as a class. I had sleepless nights prior, wondering and worried whether I would make some friends. We came together as different Nations – we were all silent and glancing at one another and no one said hi to one another. It was awkward. You felt anxious, nervous and scared at the same time. Then there were the introductions. I recall that moment of panic because you were nervous to introduce yourself. We went almost two weeks without wanting to hang out with one another. And then there was the Haidas – Thunder & lightening! Who were loud and proud and grouped us together as one nation!

As the days and weeks went by, we shared our history, our jobs, our cultures, shits and giggles together. There were tough days, long days, rough days, tears flowed and pain was conquered – we shared all of this together; as one! We stood by each other through it all.

There is so much to look back on as a class. You could say congrats to yourself but you would not be here today without the support of your classmates. You all have a lot to look forward to. I know you all have a lot of goals; but I know you will all do well in your lives. I know there are fears. Do me a favour and tell those fears to kiss the door on the way out!

It’s not easy to say farewell to ALL the memories and unforgettable friends that have touched your life in more ways than one! Despite what you feel, this is a happy time and one that deserves celebration! Be proud of what you have accomplished and taking on those mountains to get here! I know we will all do our nations proud and you will capture the life that you’ve always wanted! So be brave, be bold and be selfish!  Congrats to Coho 2 Stewardship Technician training class of 2018!!




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