Graduate Student Supervision

Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management
Vancouver Island University


  • Web-Based Analysis of Chinese Winter Visitors and Sustainable Tourism in Yukon (in progress)
  • (Re)creation through Recreation (thesis, completed 2018)
  • Leisure Aspects involved in Experiential Learning: A Case Study of Impacts on Chinese Students’ Learning Experience in Canada (thesis, completed 2018)


  • Developing Senior Tourism in China (thesis, completed 2016)
  • Absent Husbands, Settled Wives: The Leisure Preferences of Chinese Immigrant Women in Richmond, BC, Canada (thesis, completed 2016)


  • Cultural Planning in a Small Post Industrial City  (thesis, completed 2014)
  • Agritourism Development in the Cowichan Valley, British Columbia (thesis, completed 2014)

Department of Geography and Economic History
Umeå University, Sweden


  • Sami empowerment through tourism (major paper, completed 2012)
  • Motivation and Preferences Analysis of Chinese Backpackers in Europe (major paper, completed 2012)


  • How entrepreneurs use identity in France in their food tourism marketing (major paper, completed 2011)


Doctoral pre-dissertation discussant (pre-defense “opponent” doctoral examination)
Tourism Development and Poverty Reduction in Lao, PDR.