Go Bears Go!

At the Main Gate.
At the Main Gate.

A group of us went to the ball game tonight.  It was the Bears against the Twins.  We cheered for Haley’s team, the Bears.  Each player had a walk up song and the fans cheered and sang along to each tune as the player went up to bat.  It was lots of fun! The game went into extra innings.  The Bears lost to the Twins at the bottom of the 10th with a score of 3-2.  We watched the last two innings on David’s phone on the subway home so we would make curfew.  He has unlimited data, like we can get unlimited calling… so we could do that!

Post note:  Here is a fun tidbit… Did you know that the bottom ranking team fans often have the face of Buddha superimposed/photoshopped over their face.  We are learning about religions of Korea this morning and the key word of that religion is suffering.  Hahah… They suffer with a serene smile on their face!!  Check out this video for the sound effects at the game.

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