Korean Culinary Delights

Many bowls, many flavours, fresh and delicious.  These features come to mind when I think of food here in Korea.  There is rice and soup available at every meal not to mention kimchi, chopsticks and spoons.  There are over 100 varieties of kimchi.  Women used to make it in their back yards and preserve it in crockery while now you can order it on homeshopping network and likely have a special fridge for kimchi.  There are over 100 varieties; it is a great antioxident.  Also, if you observe carefully, the five primary colours of Korean food are also likely present somewhere in the bowls of food: yellow, white, green, red and black.  Often the pottery bowls will feature blue paint.  The pottery and nuts are decorative embellishments to make the food look even more delicious.  Bibimpap is a healthy traditional mix of vegetables, noodles, sauce and rice often served at lunch.  It can come with or without meat.  We have eaten green tea shortbread cookies and ice flake… with red bean paste and with mango.  The snacks here are different than what we have back at home and fun to try.

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