The Next Leg of the Journey

Tomorrow I start a new job at VIU! I am going to take on the full-time role as the BBA Advisor that also includes advising students who are completing the certificate or diploma in business. This new phase at VIU brings me back to working 100% in one faculty for the first time in almost 20 years. What an adventure. This new role will bring be into a position of working with students from Nanaimo, across Canada and from around the world. I am excited and full of anticipation regarding all the people I will get to meet and work with from those I have known for years to people I will connect with for the first time this year. Anticipation!!

Growth and Development

Since my last post I have accomplished much.  I completed several programs with the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT) including the Certified Life Coach and Wellness Coaching Specialist Program.  I completed the exams and written submissions and experience requirements to become a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and since then have completed a Narrative Coach, Enhanced Practitioner program with Dr. David Drake.  The full-on learning mode I have been in has resulted in both professional and personal growth, development and satisfaction for me. My love of learning certainly is not dead!  My new skills have allowed me to develop the Student Success Coaching program at VIU.  The workshops I offer have developed and morphed over the years and the coaching in the program is now all done by professionally trained coaches; at this point, that means just me!  It has been a fun four years since I began my journey of becoming a life coach.

In my professorship side of my professional house, I have moved out of Degree Advising and back into the classroom.  Currently, my teaching load includes teaching the “Diversity and Inclusion” course for both the Recreation and Sport and the Tourism Studies diplomas.  This course is a merging of  a couple of courses that were collapsed and combined into this one course.  For my continued professional development, I have now joined in the workshop series put on by CIEL called “The Non-Disposable Assignment: Enhancing Personalized Learning”.  My task is to come up with an assignment that is “non-disposable” and it will be a new assignment within both TOUR 153 and RMGT 153.  At this point, I am immersing myself in the examples and readings and musing about what I will develop.  Our first workshop included fun and thought-provoking discussions about our own most meaningful assignments when we were students.  Attributes such as meaningful, engaging and containing an element of public performance all seemed to feature in the examples shared around the table.

I will keep you posted on what I am learning and how my new “non-disposable” assignment for these courses is shaping up!