The Next Leg of the Journey

Tomorrow I start a new job at VIU! I am going to take on the full-time role as the BBA Advisor that also includes advising students who are completing the certificate or diploma in business. This new phase at VIU brings me back to working 100% in one faculty for the first time in almost 20 years. What an adventure. This new role will bring be into a position of working with students from Nanaimo, across Canada and from around the world. I am excited and full of anticipation regarding all the people I will get to meet and work with from those I have known for years to people I will connect with for the first time this year. Anticipation!!

Hanbok, Traditional Music and Dance

Hanbok, Traditional Music and Dance

The traditional bride in Korea wears a stunning outfit.  I will show you several pictures of the detailed dressing process and the finished product.  I will treat you to some of the beautiful music I recorded once I upload my videos and you can also see us struggle to learn the dance moves of one traditional Korean dance.  We had a lot of fun these past few days experiencing these fun activities.

Check out some clips of traditional music on this video.  Here is traditional Korean Pansori.

Note: Some of the photos in this post are taken by BIP staff (*).