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month October 2018

Technology within PE

Technology as a companion  or as an aid within the classroom is an obvious jump. As mentioned in my other posts, programs that offer dictation or alternatives to a traditional classroom. But using technology and Ipads within Gym? There are… Continue Reading →

Bridging the Gap between Disability and the Classroom

For students with disability, whether physical or mental, the classroom environment can be too limiting. They can’t focus all the time or they focus too much, noises are either too loud or too quiet, the subject matter can be to… Continue Reading →

Incorporating Computers within Language Arts

Computers, phones, texting and social media surround ourselves and our students everyday. It could be argued that students are free writing -writing by own motivation- more than previous generations. However, with shortened text, emojis and gifs ‘proper’ language can be… Continue Reading →

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