• Name of the game: Cat Mario / Syobon Action
  • Game genre: 2D Platformer, Action-adventure, Strategy
  • Duration of play: 6-8 hours
  • Platform Played: PC
  • Developers/Producers: Chiku (ちく)
  • Community/intended audience: For ages 10 and above

For this week, I played Syobon Action/Cat Mario. Cat Mario is an indie 2D platformer by Chiku that was released in December 2007; This game is known for its frustrating hard levels. Cat Mario is a parody from the game Super Mario (not to confuse with the character “Cat Mario” from the game Super Mario 3d World). Players control a cat character and venture through six platform levels/Worlds in order to beat the game. The game design of Cat Mario is identical to Super Mario, but with a twist. Every level contains surprise traps that are disguised as normal looking platforms/objects (e.g., ground that falls when the player stands on it or objects that releases spikes when touched), this is used to trick the player into thinking that the level is friendly and will not cause any frustration. The only way to beat the level is to memorize all the trap placements. Luckily, the levels are designed to be somewhat similar so it is easier for the players to memorize the traps and beat the game. The mastermind for this game is Chiku. It was said that the development stage of this game was made during Chiku’s cultural festival at his college (“Sybon Action”).

I chose Cat Mario because I was asked by my friend to play the game. I did not have any idea what the game was about until I played the game. For my first impression, the graphics looked awful; it looked like a 7th grader made the game, but I still decided to play it. At the beginning of the game, I felt like it was just a cheap rip-off of Super Mario Bros, and it was. From the graphics to the gameplay and to the music, both games are similar. I thought it was going to be easy just like Super Mario, but it was different. While playing the game, the first time that I stepped off the platform, I died instantly. I fell off the collapsing platform and I was really confused how that happened. I replayed, and this time, I jumped over the collapsing platform. Then after, I died as I jumped on top of the pipes. I realized that the game contains a lot of hidden obstacles that I have to go through. I tried again, but this time, being more aware and careful of my surroundings. Then out of nowhere, another obstacle killed me. The game was starting to frustrate me. I did a couple of tries for the first level before I lost it and quit the game for a little bit. I was so frustrated at everything in the game and the fact that I kept on dying on unexpected things. After a day, I got back to the game, refreshed and not frustrated. As I played through the game again, I understood how to play the game, which is to memorize the traps and dodge them as much as I can. After lots of retries and deaths, I finally got up to world 4. After playing the game, I felt accomplished in beating through 4 worlds. Although I was frustrated at times, I felt a little addiction to the game that made me come back for more and finish all the levels. I would recommend this game to people who likes a challenge and for people who likes playing strategy games. Just a forewarning though, the game can be very frustrating.



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