• Name of the game: Realm Defense / Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD
  • Game genre: Strategy, Fantasy
  • Duration of play: 10 hours
  • Platform Played: Mobile (iOS/Apple)
  • Developers/Producers: Babeltime Inc.
  • Community/intended audience: Everyone 10+

For this week, I have played “Realm Defense” by Babeltime Inc. Realm Defense is a strategy game where you defend your towers against waves of enemiesIn order to beat the game, players have to go through four different worlds; each world contains about 40 different levels (normal and legendary levels). Players can choose from four different buildings (e.g., archer towers, barbarian towers, magician towers and mortars) when defending the towers from the waves of enemies; players can also have companion heroes in the match to help defend the towers. This game is similar to the game, “Plants VS. Zombies”. It is similar because both of the games is a strategy type genre game where you defend bases (towers/dave’s house) from waves and waves of enemies. Realm defense was released in November or December of last year (the developers have been updating the game ever since in order to make the game better). Realm Defense is the first game that Babeltime Inc. has made, it has a rating of 4.7/5 in the iOS App Store, and 4.8/5 in Google Play.

I chose Realm Defense for this week because I saw my brother playing this game last week. I wanted to try the game, so I downloaded it and started playing it this week. For my first impressions of the game, I liked the graphics of it, and I liked that it is easy to understand the game (it has a tutorial, where it walks you through to all of the menu options). The gameplay of the game was also easy to understand and play, all I needed to do was to build defense towers to defend my castle to be infiltrated by enemies. At the beginning of the game, the game was pretty straightforward and easy to play, I did not have a hard time playing through the first few levels because it was easy. While playing the game, strategizing my towers to stop the enemies from coming in was easy at first, but when I got to levels 15 to 20, it got harder. There were a few times that I had to re-try a level because I only got 2 or 1 star(s) from it. I started playing for 2 hours but ended up playing for 4 hours instead because the game was fun to play. After playing a session of the game, I wanted to play more and finish all of the levels in world 1. When I got back to the game the next day, I ended up playing it for 6 hours. I felt a little addiction to the game because all I want to do is to finish the levels and beat the game. Every time I play the game, I do not even notice the that I spend a lot of time on it (spending 4 hours in one sitting). For me, the game was very addicting that I just want to beat all the levels in the game, unlock all the available heroes, and survive the longest in endless mode (20 minutes is my highest surviving time in endless mode). Overall, Realm Defense is a great game to play, it can be very fun and addicting. I would definitely recommend this game to people to like playing strategy games or to people who are just looking for a good game to play.



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