Gameplay Blogpost #5


  • Name of the game: Super Mario Run
  • Game genre: 2d Platformer, endless runner
  • Duration of play: 7 hours in total
  • Platform Played: Mobile (iOS)
  • Developers/Producers: Nintendo EPD
  • Community/intended audience: Everyone (Ages 7 and above)

For week # 4, I played “Super Mario Run” by Nintendo. The game was released last March 22, 2017. Super Mario Run is an endless 2d platformer. It is very similar to the old Super Mario games, but only with better graphics. You play the game by tapping on the screen to jump; Mario runs automatically, so you do not have to worry about controlling him (just the jumping part to avoid obstacles). There are still goombas and koopa troopas that you need evade, and there are still coins and super coins that you need to collect (the more your coins are, the higher your points are). According to Lucas Thomas, “Nintendo had been hesitant about developing titles for the mobile gaming market since its onset in the early 2010s, as the company was highly protective of its franchise characters and only desired to have them featured in games for their hardware. At that time, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata felt that by developing mobile titles, they would “cease to be Nintendo” and lose their identity” (Thomas). But later on, Nintendo realized that the mobile gaming industry is growing, so they decided to build the Super Mario Run Game.

I was searching through the app store ‘top charts’ for a game and I saw “Mario Run” as one of the top grossing games, so I decided to play it. I started playing the game, and it did not really make me feel excited/hyped. To me, the game feels just like the normal Super Mario game. Nothing new, no additions, nothing. The game made me bored for the first hour, so I stopped playing it. After a few hours, I came back and played the game again. It still felt kinda boring, but I also felt a little addiction with the game. As I play through the stages, I just want to collect all the coins and the super coins; I kept on retrying stages that I did not collect all the coins/super coins. The game is starting to be fun for me, the next thing I know, I have been playing the game for 3-4 hours. I feel accomplished every time I collect all the coins and finish the stage. I really enjoyed playing the game, I wanted to play more and try to finish all the stages, but unfortunately, I had to stop to do more important things. Overall, I would recommend this to people who just want to past time, or to people who like playing endless running games.



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