• Name of the game: South Park: The Fractured but whole
  • Game genre: RPG
  • Duration of play: 8 hours in total
  • Platform Played: PlayStation 4
  • Developers/Producers: Ubisoft, South Park Digital Studios
  • Community/intended audience: 18+ (contains nudity, violence and foul language)

For this week, I continued playing South Park: The Fractured but Whole. I did not have the time to play it over the last week because I was busy with some other things, but I had some spare time last Sunday, so I decided to continue playing it and try to finish the game.

I will now look at how I felt about the game when I started playing, in the midst of playing the game and when I finished the game. I will look at how my emotions have changed throughout the gameplay:

  • At the beginning of my play, I was feeling a bit exhausted because of all the other work that I did for the last week. I thought that playing will help me relax, so I decided to play the South Park game. Of course, the game cheered me up and made me happy. All the jokes in the game seem to have lightened my mood, so I decided to continue playing it.
  • While I was playing it, I felt that all my stress is slowly going away. Playing the game helped me forget all the stress that I was going through at the moment, and it made me happier and relaxed.
  • After playing it, I felt happy and relaxed. I also felt the feeling of accomplishment when I finished the game. At first, I thought that it was a little bit a waste of time because of the tedious quest (which frustrated me a little bit), but overall, I think that it was a good experience and I cannot wait to play any DLCs that will come out for this game.

Overall, I guess playing the game again was a good idea because it made me relaxed and happy. After my gameplay, I feel energized and ready to continue with my the work that I have to do. I thought that this game would ease the stress that I was having, and it did. I loved all the funny references/jokes from the TV show, they are humorous and witty (as always, in my opinion). I hope that new DLCs for this game will come out, so I can continue playing it. Like I said in my last blog post, I would not really recommend this to children because it contains a lot of nudity, profanity, and violence.



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