• Name of the game: Call of Duty WW2
  • Game genre: First Person Shooter
  • Duration of play: 8 hours in total
  • Platform Played: PlayStation 4
  • Developers/Producers: Activision, Sledgehammer Games
  • Community/intended audience: 18+ (for mature content)

For this week, I decided to play the newly released Call of Duty game. The game just came out last Nov 3rd, and my friend and I decided to play it together. We were anticipating this game since the last Call of Duty game. We are hoping that this new Call of Duty game is better than the last one. This call of Duty game is set in WW2, meaning that there are two sides to choose from: the allies team or the axis team. Players can also choose from different divisions: Infantry, Airborne, Armoured, Mountain, and Expeditionary. This Call of Duty also has a zombie campaign, where you partner up with five people and defend and survive as many tiers as you can.

My stress level was up again this week, due to all the works that I have to do, and the cold weather, so I decided to play some video games. Luckily, this new Call of Duty just recently came out, and I was hoping to play it and relieve some of my stress.

I will now look at how I felt about the game when I started playing, in the midst of playing the game and when I finished the game. I will look at how my emotions have changed throughout the gameplay:

  • At the beginning of my gameplay, I was already stressed and was even more stressed when I logged in to the game. There was a server crash, and my friend and I retried it 8-10 times before getting into a match. When we finally got into the match, it was lagging (the game was going 30fps the whole match >:| ), so we decided to change lobbies instead. There was a server crash again, and it is now starting to frustrate me. I was slowly losing interest when finally, the server became better, and we were finally logging into matches with no problem.
  • While playing the game, I was feeling better because of the better FPS (frames per sec), and a better server lobby. The frustration was slowly going away, and my friend and I are finally playing in peace. But then we got into this lobby, where there was a player from the other team who was trying to bully me (because he found out that I was a girl). He was trying to kill me as much as he can, by only targeting me and not my teammates. I was getting frustrated being killed so many times, so I told my friend and ganged up on him. He got mad, trash-talked us, and left the game–This gave me the feeling of victory, my friend and I were in a good mood again.
  • After playing the game, the feeling of stress was still a little bit in me. This is because of the stuff that I had gone through before playing the game, and while playing the game. Although this game gave me stress, I still enjoyed playing the game. I love playing shooter games like this, so playing it made me happy.

Overall, playing Call of Duty was not so bad after all. I enjoyed my gameplay (except for the lag and the server crashes), I would love to play this game again with friends. I want to try the zombie campaign because it looked interesting, so I will probably try it later on. Although some stress happened to me, some of it still went away because playing games always help me relax more. Also, I love shooter games like Call of Duty (except bullies and cheaters), so this game session made me happy and relaxed even just for a little bit.



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