• Name of the game: Infamous: Second Son
  • Game genre: Action-Adventure
  • Duration of play: 8 hours
  • Platform Played: PlayStation 4
  • Developers/Producers: Sucker Punch Productions
  • Community/intended audience: Teen (ESRB rating)

For this week, I have played Infamous Second Son. I have been wanting to play this game for a while now; I kept on putting it aside because I don’t have the game, and I can’t buy it because it was too expensive. But when PS store released this game for free, I knew it was my chance to play it. Infamous Second Son is an open world action-based game where you do quests that are categorized as good or evil. The storyline follows the story of Delsin Rowe, a teenager who lives in the north of Seattle. He accidentally absorbed powers from a conduit/bioterrorist (a person who has superpowers), which caused him to lose his some of his tribe members (the fictional conduit police department came in their area and injured some people because they were trying to find the escaped conduits). Delsin goes guilt-tripping, thinking that it was his fault for the injured people, so he decided to go to Seattle and find the person who paralyzed and injured his people.

Before I started to play this game, I was very excited when I saw this game for free. I have been wanting to play this game ever since I finished playing the first Infamous game. I really enjoyed the last game, so I was looking forward to playing this current Infamous game.

  • At the beginning of my gameplay, I was stunned with the graphics and the use of the ps4 touchpad for some of the game’s mechanics. This game is giving me a good impression so far, and I am starting to enjoy the game. I felt good starting to play this game and it made me want to play for more.
  • While playing the game, I gave me nostalgic feelings because the game is just like the first Infamous game, but with better gameplay. I was happy that I finally decided to play this game after putting it off for so long. I was enjoying the game so far; it put me in a really good mood, and I was not as grumpy as always.
  • After playing the game, I felt good and contented. I feel happy because I finally get to play the game. I was in a good mood the whole day because the game never really caused me any frustration.

Overall, the game was nice and pleasant. The game did not really give me any frustration, which is good. All I did was enjoy the game and enjoy the graphics and scenery of it (I really enjoy games with good graphics). The game made me want to play more, but I had to stop playing because I had other homework to do. I am going be playing with this, and try to finish the game when the free time comes/over the holidays.



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