Currently I’m teaching a summer course with only 7 students. A great co-hort, very diverse and full of enthusiasm. I have never taught a class so small and it presented a new challenge: how do I get this intimate group to collaborate effectively in such a tight collective, both in and outside of the classroom?

I chose to bring them online, to break up the sequence of the Tuesday and Thursday classes, and set up a Facebook group for them to share ideas, inspiration and questions between classes. Working through a wordpress based class website that every student is an author of (they can sign in and post freely), we share all our assigemtns to one space and use it as a platform to comment on each others work. This keeps things diverse, engaging and focused, encouraging various forms of interactions that avoid the possibility of tiresome routine and lack of stimulation.

No classes are missed (even if I am ill) and students have¬†ultimate accessibility to check into content at any time, review their progress and review their peers work. It’s a sort of “Flipped Classroom” model, that also caters¬†nicely to the “Visual Learner” in this design course.

Check it all out HERE