The wordpress websites I have designed and presented here, have both been taught for a semester each over the last year at Vancouver Island University.

I have developed the courses to incorporate content delivered in the weekly classroom times through activities, projects, team work and lectures, supported through a class website.

The addition of the online component allows for learners to have easy access to all the materials and content from one central location, while also exploring each others progress and work at any time through sidebar links to their personal blogs. In class and online time includes learner feedback surveys, 360 reviews, game storms/engagement exercises, learner presentations, mind maps, group critiques and a Facebook or SLACK group page for questions and discussions.

Each learner builds and maintains their personal blog, publishing their weekly deliverables and assignments to one space, creating a form of portfolio of their learning, that is non-disposable and downloadable for them to share anytime.  The opportunity to knowledge share, collaborate and carefully curate their submissions to be accessible and engaging to each other and a broader audience, has proven highly successful.

This format is new to our program and university, and was developed, tested and implemented (by myself and Michael Paskevicius), to emulate similar features found in EduBlogs.

I invite you to visit each class website, and the learners blog sites. Here you will find the complete course and project outlines, weekly assignments given and the outcomes, project process documentation and solutions, and links to presentations, resources and discussions.

These courses are part of the Graphic Design Degree program at Vancouver Island University

ARTG 481 Design Thinking 2016: WEBSITE

ARTG 345 Information Design 2017: WEBSITE

ARTG 100 Visual Design Primer 2017: WEBSITE

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