TimStudentsSince 1996, I have supervised and mentored over 30 enthusiastic and devoted 4th year students with their Biology 491 independent research projects. My students and I conduct mostly field-based ecological research on a variety of host-parasite interactions in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments. Research projects range from wildlife and veterinary parasitology, to parasite population and community ecology, to the ecology of insect herbivore-plant interactions. Below are examples illustrating the diversity of research topics explored by my students recently.

4.3 Haemobaphes dicerausDavid Bush, Devon Casagrande – Impacts of Haemobaphes diceraus (Copepoda) on shiner perch physiology and hematology

Sara Skotarek – Monitoring strongyle nematode parasitism in horses

Nadine Simpson, Colin Novak, Karissa Appleby – Population ecology of lung fluke parasitism in introduced bullfrogs

frog lung flukeColin published the results of his 491 research project in 2013! Click here to check it out.

Larissa Nelson – Ecology of cynipid gall wasps of thimbleberry plants and their insect parasitoids


Jennifer Waller – Effects of insect seed herbivores on germination of Garry Oak acorns

Stefan Iwasawa – Population ecology of ectoparasitic ticks of cane toads in Belize

deer lice duoHeidi vanVliet – Population ecology of the nematode, Anisakis simplex, in Pacific herring

Jessica Paravicini – Prevalence of invasive chewing lice on black-tailed deer


Fluke 3_2243 copy 1bKatie Nicol – Ecology of the giant liver fluke, Fascioloides magna, in Roosevelt elk

Vanessa Phillips – Prevalence of the nematode, Trichinella nativa, in black bears

Elsie Hampshire – Helminth parasite community ecology of belted kingfishers

Ryan Abbott, Ali Loewen – Parasitic diseases of honey bees

bamfield panorama 06