green vine,timI team-teach, along with Jane Watson, a first-year course in Introductory Biology (Biology 121), as well as third and fourth year electives in Parasitology (Biology 315), Entomology (Biology 357), Invertebrate Zoology (Biology 310), and Ecological Parasitology (Biology 415). An extended weekend field trip to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre is a valuable component of the latter two courses each spring. Students experience the special field station approach to learning, as well as the rugged beauty of the west coast of Vancouver Island and the phenomenal marine invertebrate diversity. Every two years, myself and my good friends, Eric Demers and Wendy Simms, coordinate a five-week-long Tropical Biology Field School (Biology 395) to Belize, Central America. The opportunity to learn amidst the spectacular biodiversity of subtropical rainforest and coral reef ecosystems, and to experience the rich culture of Belize, is often a life-changing experience for students.

Red-eyed leaf frog - always a highlight!seastars