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month November 2020

How to facilitate presentation sharing in an async environment (Carleigh Randall)

Quote: “I was quite surprised by the richness of questions and the depth of responses.” Challenge: How to maximize collaboration among students, and share out information in a virtual setting Carleigh was looking for an interesting way to meet two… Continue Reading →

How to bring skeletons to life in a virtual world (David Hopwood)

Quote: “How do you get the experience of handling, examining and comparing the material in an environment where you can’t have the material?” Assessment Challenge: Dave Hopwood’s Anthropology labs provide hands-on experiences for students. They manipulate and examine skeletal material… Continue Reading →

How to evaluate 3D student artifacts from a distance (Chai Duncan, Yumin Liu, Maya Florey, and Kylee Bowman)

Photo courtesy of Kylee Bowman

How to take the practical home (Damien Miles and Terry Fedchuk)

Assessment challenge: “How do we take the practical component of this course home?” Students in Damien Miles’s electrical course usually participate in labs where they use tools, materials, parts, and pieces that they have access to on campus. These labs… Continue Reading →

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