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How to engage and motivate students without tests: Unmarking (Jerome Lesemann)

Key Quote: “Once you get away from exams, it changes how students think about the course.” Assessment challenge: How to get students to stop asking “will this be on the test?” Although not entirely related to the online transition, Jerome… Continue Reading →

Creating rich community building activities in an online environment (Pam Shaw, Mark Holland and Felicia Fischer)

Key quote: “There was trepidation; would they get enough out of zoom?  But it worked.  It worked because everyone suspended their belief that it wouldn’t work.” Assignment challenge: How to build community in a cohort environment when students are online… Continue Reading →

Adapting rich field experiences to an online environment (Jeff Lewis and Michele Patterson))

Key quote: “Although we were able to meet the learning outcomes, I would never choose to do it this way.” Assessment Challenge: In transitioning to online learning, Jeff Lewis and Michele Patterson (Geography) found themselves asking: How do we take… Continue Reading →

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