Brainwashing by Cats

Dr. Nikola, an intense-looking man, and his black cat. (From an 1896 book by Guy Boothby.)

Man with cat or cat with man?

Five Ways Your Cat is Controlling Your Behaviour

Cat owners have no free will. Your cat is influencing your behaviour much more than you know.

  1. The Directive Stare — They can always make you stare in the direction they want.
  2. Teaching You to See Your World — Yes, that ant is worth looking at.
  3. Cuddle Control — If you buy that expensive fish food, you can stroke my fur for ten minutes.
  4. This is my Spa Time — You can work when I’m finished warming myself under your reading lamp.
  5. You need to work on your abjection — earthworms, small wounded animals, and unidentifiable bits of flesh under your chair are therapeutic.

Image Credit*

From Flickr; Public Domain;; retrieved April 2016

*Added post-workshop due to time constraints during workshop!

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