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Top 5 Tea Brands

Blue pottery teapot decorated with stylized brown flowers on a brown wooden table

A gift from Grandma

Exhaustive Research Conducted

After extensive research—and based on 70+ years of combined expertise—UFV’s ABT faculty have determined the top five tea brands available in Canada. An estimated one million cups of tea were consumed to bring this important information to light. (Two faculty, 70+ years, approximately 4 cups/day—highly valid data!)

  1. Tetley
  2. Dilmah
  3. Twinings
  4. Bigelow
  5. Red Rose

Health Benefits Revealed

While the two faculty members are experts in all tea types (e.g., black, white, green, oolong), only black tea was considered for this top tea brands list. Black tea has been shown to have excellent health benefits, as evidenced by numerous studies. Reduced rates of various forms of cancer, as well as increased feelings of well-being, were observed. In his Brain Bulletin #32, international speaker and brain expert Terry Small notes that “drinking tea soaks your brain in antioxidants, potentially slowing down brain decline.” These health benefits are excellent reasons for people to increase their tea consumption.

Plus it tastes good.

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Teapot: Taken by C. Nehring, used with permission; April 2016