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Screencap showing layout of WordPress Author Dashboard with link to Posts, Media, Comments, Profile, Tools and Settings

To your left, the Dashboard

Hurry to the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the gateway to most of the things you need to do in WordPress; as you get familiar with WordPress, you will find that there are usually at least two ways to do things, e.g.,  adding and editing Posts, and accessing the Dashboard.

How to access the Dashboard

Like we mentioned above, there are two ways to access the Dashboard:

  1. Click on Howdy, UserName on the top right of the website (this takes you to your Profile tab in the Dashboard).
  2. Hover the mouse over TLV 2016 WordPress and select Dashboard (this takes you to the main Dashboard tab at the top of the Dashboard).

Dashboard Tabs for Authors

Take a moment to look at the tabs available to you as an Author (note that other types of WordPress user roles will see more or less tabs in the Dashboard):

  • Posts
  • Media
  • Comments
  • Profile
  • Tools
  • Settings

Because this is a short workshop, we will concentrate on Posts and Media.


Screencap of All Posts and New Post

When you hover over Posts

When you hover over Posts, you will see two options: All Posts and Add New.

All Posts

Click on All Posts to see a list of all the posts on the WordPress site at the moment. Posts are blog posts, and we will be creating one in a moment.

  • There is a link to New Post at the top of the screen, and four tabs just underneath allow you to view All, Published, Drafts and Pending posts.
  • The filter arrows also allow you to select different views of the posts.
  • There is Search Posts box on the left so you can find posts easily if you know some of the title.

Note: As an Author, you can only edit your own posts (some other types of users—Editors and Admins—can edit everyone’s posts).

Add New

Clicking on Add New takes you to a new, blank post, which is ready for you to unleash your blogging prowess. We will be adding a new post in the next section.


Screencap showing the two options: Library and Add New

When you hover over Media

When you hover over Posts, you will see two options: Library and Add New.


As an Author, you view all the media that has been uploaded to the website, and you can reuse any media in posts you create. You cannot delete media uploaded by another user.

Options displayed after clicking are Images, Audio, Video and Unattached

When you click the arrow next to All media items

You can sort the library by media type (see above) and date uploaded, and there is a search box to the far right of the screen. You will use the library in a few minutes to select a suitable image for your blog post.

Add New

You can upload new media to the library here and it will be available to use in Posts and Pages across the website for users with the appropriate permissions. Note that you can also upload media while you are creating Pages and Posts and they will then appear in the Media Library.

Image Credit

Screenshots taken by M. Higgins and used with permission.

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