Beyond the Workshop

Sunset over Abbotsford, BC, showing clouds highlighted in pink and blue with outlines of trees and buildings

As we draw to a close…

Just the Start?

Hopefully by now you are itching to explore more of what WordPress has to offer! We only had the time to run through a simple blog post, but there is so much left to explore.

A great way to do that is to dive in a create your own WordPress site. You can have a free site directly from if you sign up with an email address. You can check out all the options available to WordPress Administrators and let your creativity flow.

If you do use a site, please be aware that all the material will be housed on WordPress’ servers, and they are located in the USA. For personal use that might not be a problem, but if you wanted to use a WordPress site with students, then the FIPPA rules would apply (good discussion about that here).

WordPress at VIU and UFV

We are very appreciative of the (Canadian-based!) WordPress hosting and help given to us by Michael¬†Paskevicius and the team. We also use a Canadian-based hosting service for our student WordPress site at UFV; this site is private so that our students can use it as a sandbox without worrying about outside scrutiny. They can still log into the site after they graduate, and several have used the site and the portfolio report they created about their work during interviews. We also have an ABT blog on the UFV website¬†where we blog about many interesting things (when we have a spare moment…).

Keep in Touch!

We would love to hear about your further adventures with WordPress, so please feel free to email us to let us know (the email addresses are written in this format to keep the spammers at bay):

Mary.Higgins at

Christine.Nehring at

We have just started a UFV Bloggers group at UFV, so maybe we can open a chapter in VIU one of these days!

Image Credit

Image by M. Higgins and used with permission.

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