Media, Alt Tags, and More…

Word cloud containing words associated with web accesibility

Accessibility Word Cloud

Alt Tags

Alt tags are important to add to images because they allow screen readers to read the content to people who are visually impaired, and they help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They can be tricky to write, but this post really helps. It is easy to add alt tags in WordPress, and if you need a reminder after the workshop, you can review the steps here.

Media Library

Go to the Media Library (click on Media->Library on the Dashboard on the left) and look at all the images used for the WP Workshop. Note that they have the title, caption, alt tag and description fields all completed. This information is also in the Image Organiser document. This means that if there is any concern about the license for any image after you have published your post, it is easy to check.

Finding and Using Media

It is crucial to think about licensing before you use any media, including images. MIT Libraries Images for the Web Guidelines take you through the whole process and are a good refresher. If you struggle to find suitable media, here are some good sources of Public Domain, Creative Commons and copyright-free media:


  • Check the licence for each image and if it is Creative Commons, make sure you give appropriate credit
  • Check out The Commons – all images on this part of site have no known copyright restrictions

  • Free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC
  • Check the FAQs

Audio clips are free for educational purposes as long as you cite as the source and link back to the site.

Image Credit

Accessibility Word Cloud: From Flickr;; Some rights reserved;; Image by Sun Raven; retrieved April 2016

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