Workshop Introduction

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Welcome to WordPress!

Welcome to the VIU WordPress Workshop

This afternoon we will be giving you a whistle-stop tour of WordPress that will culminate in you publishing a blog post with your group. Buckle up!


Christine Nehring and Mary Higgins both teach in the Applied Business Technology program at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). In 2015, they introduced a new course into the program (Web-based Business Communications). This intensive seven-week course develops many facets of online communications, and introduces students to blogging in WordPress. Following on from this success, Christine and Mary are happy to share some insights with VIU participants.

How-to Workshop

This is an applied workshop, so we want you to get started in WordPress as soon as possible. We will be coaching you every step of the way, and you can follow along on this website as we go from an introduction to WordPress to your team blog post. Use the links in WP Workshop menu to jump to a section for review, or you go from page to page sequentially by following the links at the bottom of the pages.

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