Kryptonian Language

Who but a linguistic anthropologist could create Kryptonian?  Dr. Christine Schreyer, UBC Okanagan, did just that!  After two years of silence, she can now talk about her behind-the-scenes work for Man of Steel.  Read her Globe & Mail interview.

Listen to Dr. Schreyer talk about her work:

Based on her research on Star Trek’s Klingon language and Avatar’s Na’vi, the production designer for Man of Steel sought Schreyer’s expertise in developing Kryptonian.  The symbols created for the film are based on the First Nations Cree syllabic writing system.

As part of the marketing for Man of Steel, you can see your name in Kryptonian, as well as know your ancestral house (see mine below, House of Dar).  “My ancestors” stood for trees, roots and ancestors.  Go to the Glyph Creator.

House of Dar: Imogene

House of Dar: Imogene

If someone asks what you can do with anthropology, it might just take you to Hollywood!