Are you thinking of Harvard for grad school?

If you think you are Harvard grad material and were wondering how you might fund your education, this might be the fellowship for you!

NOTE:  The deadline for application is November 29, 2013.  As well, applicants must gain admission to Harvard through a separate process!

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) is pleased to announce the following fellowship program for which candidates must be nominated:

Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships at Harvard University

Up to three (3) Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships will be awarded to students from Canada for graduate study at Harvard University.  In establishing the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship program, Annie Reid Knox sought to honor her late husband and his lifelong commitment to America.  According to the wishes of Mrs. Knox, Frank Knox Memorial Fellows are selected on the basis of outstanding academic excellence, strength of character, and potential for leadership in their fields.

Interested candidates will find the information needed to apply for this program by visiting the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada’s website at: Frank Knox 2014