Environmental Archaeology – six issues free until 15 Oct

Maney Publishing’s September 2013 Journal of the Month: Environmental Archaeology

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You’ll also find…

  • VIDEO: Editor Tim Mighall introduces the journal
  • VIDEO: Getting to know the Association for Environmental Archaeology (AEA) by Andy J Howard
  • Isotope analysis is the future of environmental archaeology by Richard Madgwick
  • A new geological period? Defining the Anthropocene and Environmental Archaeology by Tony Brown and Andy J Howard
  • Fairy circles and peat bogs: reconstructing ecosystems of the past by Tim Mighall
  • Zooarchaeology and the journal Environmental Archaeology by Hannah Russ
  • Geoarchaeology: the underlying framework for environmental studies by Matt Canti
  • The environmental context of past societies: seventeen years of archaeobotany in Environmental Archaeology by Don O’Meara
  • ‘Environmental Archaeologies of Neolithisation’: forthcoming special issues of Environmental Archaeology
  • A history of the journal and review of the archive
  • CALL FOR PAPERS: the editor is seeking submissions to the journal