Drimolen, South Africa Archaeology Field School

Based in South Africa at the site of Drimolen. The site was discovered in 1992 near Swartkrans and Sterkfontein in the Cradle of Humankind, 40 km outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is one of the richest fossil hominin sites in southern Africa, having produced over 100 hominin fossils representing Paranthropus robustus and early Homo. The Drimolen fossil site is unique in that has produced some of the youngest infant hominin fossils ever discovered in Africa. The site dates to approximately 1.5 million years ago and is incredibly rich in primate fossils. Fossil hominins have been recovered during most field seasons.

Students will receive credit for ANTH 343 A01: Archaeological Field Techniques, taught by Dr. Colin Mentor and ANTH 344 A01: Regional Topics in Archaeology: South Africa taught by Dr. Helen Kurki, for a total of 3.0 credits. This is the equivalent of 6 credit hours in the US system. Syllabi for these courses will be available for download from our website in January 2014.  Under the direction of Dr. Colin Menter, students registered for these courses will excavate at the site, receive training in excavation, surveying/mapping, recording and laboratory techniques.  They will also visit important human origins sites. More information here. 

Applications here: (download the pdf to fill in). Deadline is February 7, 2014

Notification will be on February 14, 2014

Non-refundable deposit $2775.00 CND is due by March 17rd, 2014

Balance of $925.00 is due by April 15, 2014

Cost is $3700.00 CND. This is in addition to your University of Victoria registration and tution fees and your return airfare.

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